Too Much (Halloween)

On Halloween:

3 Harvest Parties at school. 
A Fun Run (PTO fundraiser) and coordinating grade colors to remember to wear. 
Hat Day for spirit week. 
A friend coming to trick-or-treat and sleepover. 
Cousins coming to trick-or-treat, too. 
Aunts and Uncles and Grandparents coming to see kids in costumes. 
Mummy Dogs for dinner. 

It's all a little too much and she completely lost it that morning. I have a hard time explaining how I completely understand the overwhelm when it's all too much, but I totally got it and felt awful for her. I knew she'd be fine once she got to school and it all started, but there's no reasoning with panic and overwhelm.  And it was all fine.  They declared it the best Halloween ever and it definitely took us the rest of the weekend to recover!

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