It's the month that ran away from us.  Or maybe that was October, too? I have no clue how it's just about December because I'm pretty sure it's still just barely September in my mind.  

This month:
a funeral for our favorite Great Aunt
a last few warm days
the first snow of the season
so much learning and discovering - insane amounts of spelling and math skills for her and newly discovered reading and spelling skills for him
Christmas List making (because the end of November is Santa's deadline to make sure his elves have enough time to make everything) 
our elf arrival
so many early morning wakings and early bedtimes and afternoon naps because of Daylight Saving 
reading and reading and more reading
the accomplishment of learning to fully cross the monkey bars AND to hang upside down without holding on
the final dying in the garden
the start of warm oatmeal in the morning for the chickens
John's every weekend spent gutting and remodeling his parents' kitchen (it's going to be beautiful!)
Cranberry Pie  -If you have a bag of cranberries calling your name in your fridge or freezer, you need to use them for this. It's more like a quick bread or cake, but you make it in a pie pan and it uses a whole bag of cranberries 

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  1. So sorry for the loss of your Aunt, Lilian.
    More beautiful photos and honest words, to make your life shine. I always love coming here; it warms my day!


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