December: From the Holidays

I was surprised by how much I didn't pick up my camera over the holidays.  These are all from my phone because it's easier.  At least in situations where you'd think a normal person would want to take photos.   But I'm not as good at the big stuff, it's the little everyday stuff that I do best photographing.  We went to a party with my mom's side of the family right after Christmas and my aunt asked me to take photos with her camera and I wound up handing it over to my sister.  She's so much better at making people get together to take pictures for the sake of posterity.

Christmas came and went.  There was an ugly sweater party, Christmas Eve with John's family, Christmas Day with my family, the party in NY with my Mom's side of the family, days to regroup and sit around in pjs and watch movies and play with new toys and go to the doctor for a sinus infection, New Year's Eve and Day...and now everyone is back at school.

I know don't you want to read all of these mundane things, but sometimes I just need to write them for my own sake and for the sake of remembering where we were right now.

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