In the Spring

We had to say goodbye to our chickens this spring.  From what we understand, someone complained which lead our borough to send us  letter that we were in violation of ordinances and told us we had 10 days to get rid of them.  I spent the days leading up to day 10 gathering info and ordinances, but at the end of the day we hadn't read as well as we thought in the first place and it totally stinks.  The hardest part for me, beyond the strangeness of standing in the kitchen window and not looking out to see my girls and missing their eggs and sweetness, is that I really want to take the time to work on trying to do what I can to try to change the ordinances to at least allow us a few chickens.  But we're prepping our house to get it on the market in the next few weeks, so between house hunting and house prep and end of the school year activities and getting ready for baby #3 while I'm still sick 24/7, I just don't have the energy right now. 

Everything else is normal.  Good weather, windows open, kids happy outside (thank goodness!), yard work, grilling, lots of end-of-year school events, getting excited for the pool to open, lots of holidays and birthdays, getting excited about the baby.  That's all I have right now! 


  1. Just sent you a long message... hoping it disappeared for authorization!

  2. I used to come here and read old posts and look at the pictures, wondering how you were. Congrats for the new baby, and everything that you do. You are inspiration.


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