Right Now: End of Summer

There are bits of him everywhere already.  The crib in their room.  The pack and play waiting for him to sleep at night (ha!).  Stolen dresser drawers for diapers and tiny clothing.  All currently occupied by toys and dolls that are "borrowing" his newborn clothes.  I check every so often to make sure he'll actually have some in his drawer to wear when he gets here and that it's not just all on dolls.

I'm awake at 5am today because I just can't keep my eyes open at night.  I land in bed somewhere around dinnertime if I'm lucky and plant myself there for the duration, it just feels so much better at 37 weeks to lay down on my bed.  The kids have too much screen time and I've spent the summer guilty about the time they haven't spent outside, but they've made up for it with time at camp and time with grandparents who have whisked them away at every possible chance so that I can take a nap and I'm eternally grateful for that.  It's the one thing I've needed more than anything else.  Plus, there has been a LOT of Lego building.

So, we're here.  Taking one day at a time. School starts in a week, 1st and 3rd grade, and we move into a new house in a month (it's 3 houses down the street!) and John started working very part-time for fun at a new brewery that opened locally and somewhere in between all of that we need to get the new house painted and ready to move in and have a baby.  I've missed this space in my 24/7 nausea-filled blur of the last 9(isn) months.  More than I expected.  My camera has been sitting on a shelf untouched, but there's at least some proof of life on Instagram if you want to find us there.  But it's the sitting and writing that I didn't expect to miss so much, so I think you'll be seeing me here more in the coming months as we get back to a new normal.  Plus, I need to share baby pics when he gets here!


  1. I can't wait to see this new little guy and share in your new adventures... it will, no doubt, be a bit of a shock, having gotten used to your two independent little people! This new person will seem so very small and helpless, and they will seem so much bigger than they really are! Wishing a safe, healthy, easy (is that possible?) delivery Lillian... as I enjoy my last lingering days with my tiny person. It is so sublime! All the best in these big endeavors! xoxo

  2. Love that we will be seeing you on here more often and love the picture of you :) Looking forward to seeing and hearing about all your new adventures. Sending lots of love.

  3. Love seeing this update - and the pictures. :)


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