Right Before Spring

It's cold outside. Not freezing in a below-zero snow-on-the-ground way, but the kind that just sort of bites at you as you get closer to spring and want the warmer weather.  The kind that makes me want to sit with seed catalogs and a hot cup of something in my hands and plan summer gardens. We had unseasonably warm weather last week and it made me itch to get my hands digging in the dirt.

We have a lot to do. Last year we didn't do much. It just felt like too much. We had a pool for the first summer ever (it came with the house, we wouldn't have voluntarily chosen to have one. In fact, it was on our list of things we DIDN'T want, but here we are.) We had an infant.  I was still trying to kick PPD/A in the face and it was just too much to think about the work and money involved in starting a new garden.

This year it's all feeling better.  I'm still trying to kick PPD/A in the face, but I'm making progress. And Ben is bigger.  And we can manage to wrap our heads around starting new garden areas from scratch.

As I started planning and figuring out how many veggies vs cutting garden flowers I want, I looked back at this post and this post it made me feel hopeful. I cannot believe I grew so many flowers that season!  If I could plan and do that, I can certainly get some seeds in the ground to grow some veggies for our family this year, even if it does still feel like a big task to dig out and start a new garden spot from scratch.  We're using existing space and I'm trying to combine my cutting garden wants with perennials and landscaping to work on our yard a little bit while I still use it as garden space in a few different spots that still don't have permanent landscaping.

None of this includes our whole front yard that needs to be landscaped because when we moved in we had to have everything in the front ripped out to fix a basement water problem.  So that's happening, too.  One step at a time.  I may or may not have much time for blogging this spring and summer!  

As usual, I have no idea what the heck I'm doing, but I'm going to do it anyway...

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